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I Tried The Inversion Method For Hair Growth & My Hair Grew 2 Inches In 1 Week

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I bet you have tried various methods to achieve longer hair length. Most of these methods are slow and take a long time before you see any results. What if I told you that you can achieve faster hair growth with the inversion method?

For those of you who are active on social media, you would have definitely come across this trend and know what I am talking about. For those of you wondering what the heck this is and how it even works, don’t worry.

I got you covered!

In today’s article, you will not only learn what the inversion method is but you will learn the step-by-step instructions of how to do it, how it works, and all other important questions you may have about this method.

I will tell you my own personal experience with it as well!

So, let’s get started!

Hair Growth With The Inversion Method

Women all over the internet have jumped on this trend of growing their hair faster by using the inversion method. This is all thanks to a lot of beauty bloggers and Youtubers who have shown favorable results using the method themselves.

Since most kinds of hair services are currently closed due to lockdown restrictions, it has become quite difficult for women to manage their hair care needs. This is why most women are looking for self-care methods they can easily do at home.

The inversion method is one such way!

Why Inversion

It is quick, painless, and super easy to do yourself at home! No need to go out looking for a product or even waiting on it to be delivered in order for you to try.

If you have recently managed to have a haircut during the pandemic and now are missing your long locks, this is a method you must try.

The inversion method is considered to be the one of the most effective ways to increase hair length using just your fingers! Yes, that is all you really need! And your favorite hair oil!

My hair oil of choice is the Keranya Pure Black Seed Potent Hair Potion by iYura

I love it for so many reasons; it is a clean, pure, organic hair oil that does exactly what it claims – more hair on your head than your brush!

The hair oil is formulated with a blend of Kalonji or Black Seed, Amla, Bhringraj, Licorice and other Ayurvedic hair-loving ingredients. 

Use code TAE15 for 15% Off + FREE Mini Gift only if you use my link.


3.52 fl oz (100 ml)


What Is The Inversion Method For Hair Growth?

Alright, so allow me to explain what this method really is. To put it simply, the inversion method is when you “flip” or invert your head upside down and massage the head for a few minutes in this position. That’s it. That is what the inversion method is.

It is said that the way the head is inverted is of great importance. It is not simply putting your head down as you would in a downward nod. You have to actually have your hair fall over your head when you invert. Does that make sense?

I will explain more next.

How Does It Work?

There are certain elements to this method that must be taken into consideration for the method to show positive results. For example, the head position and the amount of time you remain in this inverted position both contribute to its effectiveness.

Head Position

The inversion method dictates for you to bend yourself forward so that you have your “head below your heart”. You can achieve this by flipping your head upside down between your legs while you are sitting in a chair. This is the ideal position.

Downward-Facing-Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)
Headstand (Sirsasana)
Shoulder Stand (Sarvangasana)
Forward Bending Camel (Uttanasana)
Back Bending Camel (Ustrasan)
Rabbit (Sasangasana)
Photo by Tim Samuel from Pexels
Photo by KoolShooters from Pexels
Photo by Elly Fairytale from Pexels

The above yoga poses are also acceptable inversion methods. However, some of these positions might not be ideal (or even possible to do) for some people. They could be painful and cause more harm than good if continued for long periods of time (please use your own discretion).

Read about how these yoga poses can help with hair growth here: Hair Growth With Yoga

As an alternative, some women prefer to hang their head over the edge of the side of their bed to get similar benefits from the traditional “forward inversion”.

Inversion Duration

The time you must stay in this position to achieve about 1-2 inch of hair growth per month is recommended to be 4-5 minutes. Of course, you could add more time if you could tolerate the position.

Keep in mind, though, that the longer you stay inverted, does not correlate to more hair growth. In fact, it could lead to adverse health effects like back pain or strain (more on this later).

Why Does It Work

The simple logic behind why this method works is that when you flip your head down, you are bringing all the blood flow back to your scalp along with essential nutrients. This improves the overall health of the roots and consequently the hair too.

Photo by Wendy Wei from Pexels

By massaging your scalp with hair oils for the recommended four minutes, it helps to open up the pores and allows the nutrients from the oil to penetrate deep into the follicles.

The 4-minute time frame is recommended because that is how long it takes for gravity to work its magic; meaning for blood supply to fully reach your head.

The head massage and the flipped-head position work in conjunction with each other. Think of it as a double-whammy feeding process: internally, the blood flows to the scalp, bringing nutrients with it and externally, the scalp is stimulated from the oil massage, soaking in all the goodness.

Because the roots are well-“fed” or well-nourished, they are bound to produce healthy, stronger hair and this is why people notice an increase in their overall hair length.


Does It Really Work?

There are no studies done to back the claim that this method grows hair faster and neither is there any research against it! At least, I couldn’t find anything when I was searching deep within the world wide web.

So I thought, why not give it a try myself! After all, it seems so easy and way too good to be true. Why not put it to the test?

Below are my own results. Drumroll, please.

My Own Findings: Before & After

I used the inversion method every day for up to 4 minutes for one week only. I measured three different sections of my hair (a lock of hair from the front, side, and back).

Disclaimer: Sorry about no pictures! It was kind of tough to take photos while measuring my hair with two hands. Tripods were also NOT a thing back when I tried this method.

Hair from the side: 10.5 inches Hair from the side: 11.5 inches
Hair from the front: 10 inches Hair from the front: 10.25 inches
Hair from the back: 12 inches Hair from the back: 13.5 inches

I tested my results on the 8th day. Also, I washed my hair every 2 days.

As you can see, the numbers did increase but not the same everywhere. The most growth I saw was in the back, which was about 1.5 inches in just one week. This is noteworthy because typically, my hair grows about an inch in a month!

Perhaps, my hair grew more where I massaged more? Maybe blood reached different areas of my scalp differently? Or maybe the hair oil I was using (Keranya Hair Oil) was just BOMB!

God only knows! The bottom line is that it actually worked for me.

How To Do The Inversion Method For Hair Growth

If you are intrigued and want to give it a shot as well, here is a simple step-by-step process you can follow. Key is to be persistent every day for a good week and then stop for three weeks.

Also, if your back or neck hurts more than you can bear, please discontinue!

Step-By Step Instructions:

1. Scalp Massage

  • Comb your hair free of all knots and tangles
  • Warm up your favorite hair oil for a few seconds (helps to open up pores)
  • Optional: add few drops of your favorite essential oil
  • Apply oil to your scalp and massage it in for a few minutes

You can choose from my list of oils that repair hair and hair-loving essential oils.

Alternatively, you can also check out these bomb herbs that grow hair faster and choose an extracted oil version of it and dilute it with carrier oils.

2. Invert Your Head

  • Find a chair to sit on
  • Flip your head upside down
  • Bend yourself so your head hangs between your legs
  • Ensure all your hair is flipped upside down

3. Hold Position

  • Remain in this position for 4 minutes
  • Continue to massage the scalp
  • Optional: comb hair from base of head to the ends
  • Take deep breaths
  • Clear your mind. Relax. Meditate

Use a wooden comb for hair for best results; it avoids further knots, tangles, and hair breakage.

4. Sit Back Up Slowly

  • Slowly return to your normal position
  • Refrain from sudden movements to avoid dizziness
  • Take your time getting up from chair to avoid head-rush

5. Leave Oil On Hair

  • Allow oil to stay on hair longer (2-3 hrs)
  • Optional: allow oil to remain overnight if preferred
  • Wear a shower cap

6. Wash Hair Thoroughly

  • Wash hair with a gentle shampoo
  • Finish with a mild conditioner
  • Style as usual

Here are my articles for hair care tips on how to wash hair and which shampoos to use.

Shampoo Stories

What You Must Know

Now that you know how to do this method in the right way, there is an important aspect of this I would like to discuss. As with every experiment, there are risks that must be taken into account. This method is no different.

by Kindel Media from Pexels

There are risks associated with the inversion method because you are bending your body in an unusual way.

I would highly recommend you to consult with a medical professional before you attempt to perform a hair care method for the first time. It may or may not be for you.

When you hang your head upside down for a couple minutes, your blood pressure increases and your heart rate decreases. This is problematic for people who have heart conditions, blood pressure concerns, and even those with back pain from a spinal injury for example.

The inversion method also may cause dizziness and headaches as a result of the upside down position. These effects may be more pronounced if you have vertigo or history of ear infections.

Lastly, pregnant women and those people with a history of a detached retina should NOT perform this method at all.


Read below if you still have more questions about this popular at-home hair growth method.

How Often Should You Do The Inversion Method?

It is recommended to perform the inversion method daily for one week only each month. So this means: one week on, three weeks off.

Flipping your head upside down for more than a month is not a good idea because you don’t want your head to get used to the blood rush. Overdoing it will not give you the desired results as your scalp will learn to depend on this increased blood supply to stimulate hair follicles.

Does The Inversion Method Work Without Oil?

Yes it could. However, using a hair oil amplifies its effectiveness because oils are rich in vitamins, essential fats, and nutrients that hair needs in order to maintain its health, strength, shine and luster.

I would recommend using oils, especially if you have a dry scalp. For those with an overly oily scalp, could get away without using oils. I am not sure if the results will be the same with or without oils.

What Oil Should You Use?

You could actually use any hair oil you like or have available at home. Please make sure you do a patch test first to rule out any allergies.

You could even add your choice of essential oils for added hair benefits.

Alternatively, you could use the oil I recommend highly because it is a power-packed blend of hair-benefiting carrier and essential oils all sustainably sourced, in a 100 ml bottle!

It is suitable for all hair types, promotes healthy, shiny, and thicker hair growth, and contains purely all-natural organic ingredients!

I have seen improved hair texture, new hair re-growth, and increased shine in my own hair by using this fab oil. A little goes a long way and the oil itself is colorless!

For 15% off, use my link below and enter code TAE15 at checkout.

Will You Get The Same Results By Warming The Oil

Results may or may not be the same. The mere logic behind using a warm oil is that it helps to open up blocked pores on the scalp and this aids in better penetration of nutrients, proteins, and vitamins from the oil.

Personally, I didn’t use warm oil all the time. Some of the days, I got super lazy and just used the oil straight up as is.

Are There Any Side-Effects To The Inversion Method?

Even though there is no scientific evidence that credits or discredits this method, there may be side-effects associated with the inversion method.

As stated earlier, reduced heart rate and decreased blood pressure can cause dizziness, headaches, blood-rush, and even nausea in some cases.

Holding the inverted position can cause neck and back strain as well.

Can You Use Any Scalp Massaging Tool?

Yes, absolutely. You can use whichever scalp massaging tool you prefer so long as it is gentle on the scalp and does not cause tangles/knots in the hair.

Try It For Yourself

Even though I saw faster hair growth with the inversion method when I tried it myself, chances are you may or may not share the same results. This is because there are a lot of factors that contribute to hair loss in women (and men, for that matter). For example, nutrition, life choices, exercise, hormones, hair-care habits, etc can all have an impact on how your hair grows.

However, unlike many hair growth remedies out there, the inversion method does not cost much money. Nor does it take too much time.

But keep in mind that you practice safe habits when choosing this method. No amount of hair growth can justify your health being put to risk.

With the information provided to you above (and with caution), try the inversion method for yourself. Make sure you measure the hair before and after so that you can compare the results!

What do you think about this method?

Have you tried the inversion method in the past? If so, I would love to hear what your results were!

Please leave me your feedback and opinions in the comment section below!

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16 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for this amazing post on growing hair faster with the inversion method!  I really like that you had such successful results from this!  I admit, I am a guy, but I am trying to grow my hair out as well, and I think that I will try this method and see if it words for me too!

    1. Yes, Jessie! You can try it too! I have heard men seeing results with this method as well. Of course, it may not be as drastic but still some is better than none. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Thank you for presenting The Inversion Method for faster and better hair growth. After all I read, it really seems logical why hair grows faster, you gave a great explanation.
    I rub argan oil, which I have at home, into the tips of my hair after washing, so I will try this oil for the first week. And follow all your instructions. I’m really interested in what the results will be.
    Friendly greeting,

    1. Hey Nina, thanks for stopping by and yes do try the method for 7 days only. You can do it again next month. Good luck and hope you have positive results! Let me know if you have any questions!

  3. You just got me covered!

    Not really a social media fanatic so this is the first time I came to know about the inversion method for faster hair growth. Thanks for sharing and letting me know. 

    But I have a medical condition, so may I ask, Is it ok to try the lying position and hang my head from my bed then let someone, say a family member to do the oil application and scalp-massaging for me? I like the idea you just shared and want to try it, but will it be fine with those adjustments?

    1. Hey Rose,

      I would highly recommend you consult with your doc to see if this can be performed by you without any complication with your medical condition. 

      If your condition allows (and if your doc approves), yes you can lay on the bed and hang your head for a few minutes. You can even have someone massage your scalp while you lay in this position or not. It should still work the same way. Massaging is just an added step to stimulate blood flow. Hope this helps ! 🙂

  4. Hi Sasha,

    Wow, I had no idea about this method. Although I did know the benefits of massaging the scalp to improve blood flow. Just like rinsing the hair with cold water. I don’t always do it because it makes me lazy but I admit that it makes a difference when you do a final rinse with cold water.
    The truth is that apart from wanting to keep my hair long I have it a bit dry, so I think I’m going to try using nourishing oils for my hair. I’m curious about this method and I want to try it.

    1. Hey Marta, I can totally relate with the “lazy” part haha! Using a hot oil on the scalp helps to open up the pores just like hot water when you shampoo. I used to be super lazy also with doing my final rinse with cold water lol. Do check out my article on how to properly wash hair where I talk about the benefit and ways to wash hair correctly.
      Also, using the right kind of oils to nourish my scalp and hair has really saved my hair. I have written a post about oils that repair hair that you may want to check out.
      Let me know if you have any other questions about this method, Marta! I’d be more than happy to help! 🙂

  5. SO glad I chanced upon your article? I’ve been trying to grow my hair till its slightly below my waistline (more like waiting). I would often snip my hair after mid length and let it grow out once more. So I thought I should try something different this time.

    For myself, my hair grows really slow and I’ve never actually tried any methods to make them grow faster. Its the first time I’m hearing of the inversion method!

    Love how detailed your explanation is about this method and the do’s and dont’s. I might just give this a try honestly.


    1. Hey Sam, so happy to know that you found this post at the right time! Long hair is so so so beautiful!
      Most people don’t know about this method, that’s true. I think it was one very famous beauty blogger that talked about this method and then it took social media by storm and everyone started to do it. However, it didn’t work for everyone, mostly because they didn’t do it properly. Hope it works for you! Let me know how it goes!
      Good luck,

  6. This is such an interesting idea for hair growth. I enjoy doing yoga, so it would be easy enough to add in a short scalp massage before trying this inversion method. It mades sense that stimulating blood flow to the head and scalp could have added benefits like longer hair growth.

    Thanks for sharing your results for this cool idea!

    1. This is great to do during yoga poses! Just hanging your head down is good enough to do the trick but massaging the scalp just adds to the stimulation.
      Glad to know you found this cool, Leah! If you try it, do let me know how it went for you! 🙂

  7. This is fantastic! I am actually trying to grow my hair faster. I cut it short over a year ago and although my hair grows back fast, I would like to try methods to accelerate it. This one looks like it could work, although I’m a little apprehensive about having my head hang low for 4 minutes. I’ll feel the rush of blood. I will try it, though. Would rosemary oil work too and is Crisan cruelty-free?

    1. Hey Christine, rosemary oil would work wonderfully as it it well known to promote hair growth. Plus, the aroma has super stress-relieving qualities. Yes, hanging your head in an inverted position for 4 minutes will definitely get your blood rushing to your scalp. But if it is too much for you, maybe try lying on your bed and hanging your head. I always found that to be a lot better than sitting in a chair.

      Yes, Crisan is cruelty free for sure!

  8. Hi Sasha!

    Your results are crazy! I can’t p believe your hair grew 1.5in in just one week! I used to watch a lot of beauty gurus on YouTube but haven’t so much in the past few years and this trend is definitely new to me.

    I might have to try it! I got back and forth between growing my hair out or cutting it all off haha!

    I think I could definitely handle it for one week. Instead of a chair, maybe I’ll hang upside down on my couch and watch tv while I’m doing it to pass the 4-5 minutes a little faster.

    I’m about to be in the process of moving, but if I try it I will definitely let you know!

    1. Hey Haley,
      I was quite surprised with my results as well! It’s simple enough to do and the results speak for themselves.
      Do give it a try and let me know what your results are! Yes, you can definitely hang your head upside down on your couch. I wouldn’t recommend watching tv during this time because it might add unnecessary strain on your eyes, which might lead to an unwanted headache or dizziness! Perhaps, listening to music or a podcast with eyes closed would be a better idea?

      Good luck on your move and have a safe one!:)

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