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Hi everyone and welcome to Sasha’s Hair Ops Hub website!

When it comes to beauty, we are always doing what we can to beautify ourselves. Be it any feature of our face, our skin, and even our nails. But what about our hair? We often realize we are having a problem with our hair only when we have a large amount of fallout to raise a cause of concern. Or when we are looking at old pictures of ourselves and then suddenly race to the closest mirror only to confirm that we no longer have that amazingly luscious, bouncy and flowy hair that we used to in our youth. What do we do next? We immediately go online to check for causes, remedies, hair tools, hair growth products and anything else we can find to help us reverse the signs of hair loss. The only problem with this is that we find ourselves overwhelmed with searching for hours and hours on countless sites trying to research a ‘fix’ to our problem. Sometimes we find it, sometimes we don’t.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all the information you ever needed was conveniently located on one simple site? Sasha’s Hair Ops Hub does exactly that!

My Hair Story; My Mom’s Horr-Hair Story 

Coming from a South East Asian background, I was blessed to have silky, straight, shiny, black hair. At least this was the case when I was a lot younger! I guess you could call it good genes because my mom’s hair was even more beautiful than mine. Even still, I used to receive a lot of compliments on my hair while I was growing up and consequently, my hair became the number one source of my pride.

While all the girls I knew were busy trying various products to straighten their hair, all I was using was Herbal Essence Shampoo & Conditioner. Nothing else. All I wanted was my hair to smell amazing, which it did (thanks to Herbal Essence). Want to know an interesting tidbit? I even won a superlative award for Best Hair in my senior year in High School! (Yes, this was a ‘thing’ in the early 2000’s) You can only imagine the attention I got from all the boys 😉 But… this is a topic for a different day… maybe even a different website?

Fast forward (almost) 2 decades later, my hair is nothing how it used to be and neither is my mom’s. In fact, my mom had a horrible hair horror story where a hair stylist once used an expired product to perm her hair. You want to know what’s worse than that? The hair stylist was none other than her own sister-in-law! Yeah, no kidding! My mom lost almost half a head of hair with just that one experience. Over the years with the help of proper hair care and almost a hundred carefully researched DIY home remedies after, her hair has recovered but it is no where close to how it ever used to be before the horrible incident.

As far as my hair story is concerned, I had a lot of fallout due to stress, relocating countries, irregular hormones, toxic relationships, and just life in general. You know, the usual stuff. Oh and did I mention I was using a hair dryer after literally every time I washed my hair? I am sure we all do that now but what we don’t realize is that just applying all that blasting heat, time and time again to our hair (even after applying a heat-protectant), can have lasting, damaging effects on our precious hair.

This was the case for me.


I started to notice a bald spot appearing at the side-part after a few years of continuously using a hair dryer and parting my hair in the same direction. I ignored it and of course, it got bigger and bigger with time. It only became a huge concern when I started to compare old photos or would try old hairdos that no longer worked. This led me to spend hours on end trying to research everything I possibly could to ‘fix’ my bald spot. Some of these ‘fixes’ worked temporarily; others failed miserably.

Operation: Hair Loss

As a result of all this time and effort devoted to finding a reverse solution for hair loss, I realized I became the hub of all topics related to the subject in question! I noticed more and more of my girl friends in and around the same age group as me (I am in my mid-30’s, in case you haven’t done the math) having a significant amount of hair loss that they were concerned about and would frequently ask me to share my insight. I found myself telling my friends what worked and what did not. A lot of my friends were more than satisfied with the suggestions I gave them and this in turn, encouraged me further to continue my research. It was as though I was on a mission and it was called Operation: Hair loss!

This gave birth to my very own Hair Ops Hub where I would share the knowledge that I had on the topic of hair loss with everyone who was out there looking for answers. This ‘hub’ saved me the energy of talking about the same thing to 5 different people and also gave me the chance to organize all the information I had researched over the years. I didn’t want women to go through all the pain of researching and trying a product or remedy that was going to fail eventually. I wanted to create a space where I could promote only the solutions that worked for me so it could work for others as well. Nobody has to go through another hair disaster story ever again! At least, not on my watch!

Sasha’s Hair Ops Hub is Here to Help

This website will be a hub for all your hair loss inquiries. You will find topics on best hair products, tools, supplements, etc for hair loss for women over the age of 20. From time to time, I will also post reviews about products or programs I have personally tried and tested and I would provide useful links out to those products I think are exceptional in controlling hair loss.

On the contrary, you may come across something useful that you may want more information about and in that case, don’t be shy to reach out and drop me a line. I will try my best to answer your question to the best of my ability or will direct you to right links if I personally don’t possess the correct answer. Keep in mind please, I am not a doctor nor do I have any medical expertise in the hair care industry. I am only here to help those who share the same mission as mine: reduce hair loss. So please join me in my quest to help you in the journey to beautiful hair !

All the best,

Sasha A.


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