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Hi everyone! My name is Sasha and I welcome you to Sasha’s Hair Loss Hub! I am a hair enthusiast turned into a blogger, thanks to Covid-19!

After 5 long years of struggling with hair loss, creating an effective and convenient hub for everything related to hair loss has been a natural transition for me. My passion is to help women over 20 achieve their hair goals naturally AND sustainably! My goal is to guide, educate, and offer the best organic methods (where possible) for self-care as we go through our hair growth journey together! 

After all, our hair is the crown we never take off, so why not wear it with pride?

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My Hair-Story

I was fed up with the amount of hair loss I was dealing with on a daily basis. I had developed a bald spot on my side part (remember when side-part was a huge trend?). Over time, this bald spot got noticeably bigger and bigger. I found myself running out of ways to cover it. 

I tried almost everything but nothing seemed to work!

Then Covid-19 hit the world and I got stuck at home (like everyone else) and went into a deep, dark depression, affecting my hair even more! This is when I decided to take matters into my own hands. 

Check out that side part!

Coming from a South-East Asian background, turning to natural home remedies was second nature to me. And so, I used onion juice on my hair consistently for a month. It stunk my hair BIG time but hey, it was the pandemic so who cares; I wasn’t meeting anyone. 

To my surprise, I saw new hair growth on my bald spot just halfway into the stinky onion juice treatment!! (See image on the left)

Remember: nothing before this, worked!!

This is when I realized that the solution to our hair problems can all be found in nature! Since then, I switched to all-natural and sustainable hair care methods and my hair started to look and feel healthier!

Operation: Hair Loss

In case you are wondering, I am a 30-something Pakistani woman living in Toronto, Canada. I have a BSc Degree in Psychology and over a decade of work experience in the health & wellness field. 

I have created Sasha’s Hair Ops Hub for women like me who are always looking for ways to improve and maintain the quality of their hair for the long-term. I want to encourage every woman to join me in the journey for better health, happy hair, and sustainable living!

In my free time (while I have my hair in a not-so-stinky hair mask), I am attending to my beloved house plants- another hobby I picked up thanks to Covid! Yes, I am a Plant Mom and a proud one! I love all my plant babies!

If you are wondering how I take care of them or if you just want to reach out and say you’ve got a hair mask on too, you can follow me on my social platforms (as I build them lol)!

Disclaimer: I am quite a newbie to social media so please excuse my beginner-fails at posting “story/reels”! (Forgive me, I will learn- I promise!)

Feedback is welcome!

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