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5 Reasons To Use Wooden Combs For Hair

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My hair has seen a dramatic difference in breakage and hair fall ever since I switched from plastic to a wooden comb. If you are anything like me, you will know what I mean when I say wooden combs for hair is a complete game-changer!

For those of you who have no idea what the big deal is, fear not. Today, I will give you five reasons why you should also start using wooden combs.

I have tried many different combs out there, from the higher end, well-known branded ones to the cheap and flimsy Dollar Store (or Walmart?) plastic ones. Trust me when I say this, neither of them worked any better than the other! I always had the “teeth” breaking on me, leaving my hair in more tangles than I first started out with. This is the case with even the more expensive ones!

I would think that if I am paying close to 50 bucks on a single comb, it better last me a lifetime, no? Mason Pearson, are you listening?

Alas, they all beak on me. Either that or they just end up breaking more of my hair.

Use Wooden Combs For Hair

I bought my first wooden comb on a whim from Sephora once as I was standing in one of their long but fast-moving checkout lines. It sat on my dresser, unused for a month, with all my makeup brushes that I used only when I had a wedding to go to (seems like a decade ago- thanks, Covid!).

When I finally started to use the comb more regularly for my hair, I actually fell in love with it! I found it to be super gentle on even wet hair, it was lightweight to handle, it was easy to clean, and best of all it lasted a very long time without snapping in two!

I soon began to grow my collection of wooden combs over the years and now it is the only kind of comb I use regularly to remove the knots from my hair.

I especially love the wide-tooth wooden combs as I feel they work the best to leave my hair frizz & tangle free! I also prefer the ones with a handle so that it is easier to “handle” the comb as I work it through my hair.

I pay close attention to the quality of the wood and always make sure that it is handmade. My all-time favorite hair comb that has all these qualities (and more!) is the one from BreezeLike Green Sandalwood Comb by Skyworkshop. You can never go wrong with their combs and they feel absolutely amazing!

Five Reasons You Should Switch

Now let us see why combs made out of wood are so beneficial for the hair. Based on my personal experience with them, I will talk about the five main reasons why I think you should ditch what you are currently using to detangle your hair and join my wooden-hair-combs-for-life club! (Disclaimer: This is an imaginary club! Please don’t go searching for it; it really doesn’t exist!)

1. Stimulates Blood Circulation

I can sit and comb my hair for hours because the wooden teeth feel so amazing. Using a wooden comb on my head is like a soothing scalp massage and who doesn’t like a good head massage? The beauty about this massage is that it increases the blood flow on your scalp, which further brings out all the nutrients to the hair follicles.

Our body sends nutrients from the food we consume to glands that it considers “vital” and hair isn’t one of them. This is why hair follicles remain in the resting phase and we see no hair growth. Product buildup as well as mineral buildup from hard water can clog up the hair follicles, stunting hair from growing.

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Head Massage

Using wooden hair combs help to redirect the blood supply in the body to the scalp. With this supply, follicles are revived and nourished because they receive essential nutrients and vitamins. As a result, strong and healthy hair growth is then produced by the hair follicles.

Also, the wooden teeth from the hair combs are gentle on the scalp and cause no scratching, scraping, or bruising. They help to regulate scalp’s sebum production and help to gently remove impurities from the scalp, keeping it clean, balanced, and healthy.

2. Less Hair Breakage

The main purpose of a comb is to “comb” out the tangles from your hair. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? However, many combs available on the market (even high-end detanglers) leave hair in more tangles and knots; sometimes because of the material the comb is made from and other times the uneven structure on the teeth of the comb.

What’s worse is that the longer or thicker your hair, the more chances of these combs getting stuck in the tangles of your hair and inevitably breaking. The constant pull and tug of hair to remove these knots results in even more tangles and hair breakage. Eventually, the more you comb the hair, the more hair loss you will see!

Great Detangler

Wooden hair combs are dramatically easier on the hair as they glide through the length of the hair without pulling on it. The wooden teeth do not tend to break easily and the comb’s smooth, wooden finishing allows for minimum to no hair “sticking”.

They are the safest to use on wet hair, which is when hair is considered to be most fragile and prone to breakage. They take considerably less time in combing out the knots from hair, regardless of what type of hair you have (i.e curly, straight, or thick).

3. Anti-Static

Plastic combs are notorious for creating a static charge on hair. They are excellent conductors of electricity. But what causes the static electricity on hair?

Photo by Cottonbro Studio from Pexels

Static electricity happens due to friction between differently charged objects. When you pull a plastic comb through the hair, electrons from the comb transfer to the hair, leaving the comb negatively charged and the hair positively charged. That makes the strands of your hair repel each other, literally giving you a “hair-raising” experience! Styling hair then becomes difficult as well and can cause damaging effects on hair.

The same hair-raising experience applies when you rub a harsh towel on wet hair instead of using a microfiber towel. See my article on how to properly wash your hair.

Dehydration Effects On Hair

Dry and dehydrated hair is more prone to static. However, when you use a wooden comb, it glides over the hair, locking in moisture and leaving hair free of frizz, static, and flyaways. Wood does not conduct electricity and so this makes hair free of damaging effects resulting from static. It allows for hair shafts to lay flat and prevents hair from drying out.

It also works as a natural hair conditioner by evenly distributing the natural oils from the scalp all down to the ends of the hair (oils tend to stick to a plastic or metal comb). Hair is usually glossy, shiny, and smooth when a wooden comb glides through it. There is no dryness or greasiness either.

4. Hypo-Allergenic

You have less chances of developing any kind of allergies and flakiness on your scalp by using a comb made out of wood. This is because wood has naturally occurring components that make them hypoallergenic.

The kind of wood used to make hair combs usually have medicinal properties and prevent any foreign particles from causing infections to occur on the scalp. They remove dirt and debris, leaving oils to ensure strands stay hydrated. Some of the combs even have a protective coating of beeswax or purified linseed oil. This is especially beneficial to those of us with sensitive scalps.

Material Matters

Plastic, rubber, or metal combs tend to easily pick up and contain a lot of dirt, debris, and oils from your scalp. Dust or lint in your room can also settle and accumulate on these combs as they sit on your dresser.

When you use the comb again on your hair, you literally add back all that nasty gunk back to your hair! This leads to an unhealthy, unbalanced scalp that has allergies, acne, or even dandruff. Scalp tends to itch more and dead, flaky cells from the scalp begin to drizzle down as you continue to use such combs.

5. Sustainable

Lastly, but most importantly, wood is sustainable! This is my most favorite reason to use a wooden hair comb (I’m saving the best for last!) 

By choosing to ditch plastic combs for a wooden one, you are helping Mother Nature to remain green and pollution-free.

There is little to no damage done to the planet when we choose products that are made from naturally sustainable resources. Wood is made from the bark of various different trees, is an extra-strong composite material, and requires very little maintenance. It also has a natural affinity to the human body and doesn’t cause any harm to the skin and hair.

Who Can Use Them?

As you can see, wooden combs have fantastic benefits for hair, scalp, and even the planet! They are strong, durable, feel very good and are very much sustainable. As far as who can use them is concerned, I would say a wooden comb is safe and suitable for all ages and all hair types as well. There is no harm or side effects from using them either. They last forever and are super eco-friendly! Isn’t this enough reason to believe they are a complete game-changer for detangling hair?

If you agree and would like to purchase, here is what I would recommend: the Breezelike Sandalwood Wide Tooth Comb by Skyworkshop. I absolutely love this comb as I mentioned above.

It is the perfect size in my hand, not too big and not too small either. The wide tooth on the comb gently detangles the hair without tug and pull. It is made out of sweet-smelling wood from the bark of the Sandalwood tree and is considered to be the rarest timbre in the world.

The distinct soft-warm fragrance of the wood is long-lasting and has a soothing and calming effect on the nerves- ideal to relieve stress! It even makes my hair smell great!

The comb has a unique wood grain with a distinctive natural green color that tends to get greener over time, making it look more antique. It is super easy to clean and it just never breaks! If you would like to grab one of these, click on the link below.

How to Care For Wooden Combs

Once you purchase your first wooden comb, you will wonder how to care for it once it is due for a clean. To be honest, in my experience they really take a long time to get dirty enough for me to clean them. This does not mean you must wait until they get extremely filled with dirt!

Best Practices

It is best practice to always wash your beauty products with a mild soap where possible, and hair products are no different. However, do remember that it is not safe to soak wood in water, especially hot water, for long periods of time. This can have negative effects on wood grains and even its color and shape.

I would suggest washing your comb with mild soapy water, rinse thoroughly, and then wipe dry with a cotton towel. (But do read the label of your own comb as certain types of wood do not encourage contact with water at all).

Also, I like to add a drop of olive oil to keep the comb smooth and shiny. This also helps to condition my hair when I comb through it.

Lastly, I would recommend keeping your wooden comb away from strong light or high temperatures like ovens and fireplaces. Although they are safe to use with your hot hair tools, they may not do well in extreme temperatures. Also, avoid dropping them on hard floors like concrete or tile floors.

Where To Buy Wooden Combs

There are many places to purchase wooden combs for hair. I have seen them available in beauty supply stores and even in some local supermarkets. However, they may not be the best or have the highest quality wood. Just because a comb is made out of wood doesn’t instantly make it excellent for hair.

Here are a few quick points to look for when buying your first wooden comb:

  • 100% natural wood (i.e beechwood, sandalwood, peach wood, bamboo, etc)

  • Inspect the comb for splinters or rough teeth

  • Ensure teeth density; choose wide-tooth & dense comb teeth

  • Check sturdiness and durability

  • Choose handcrafted designs by skilled handicraftsman

Once you are ready to buy and are looking for online options, here is what I would recommend. You can check these stores out:

Breezelike Combs Are Static Free For Hair

Breezelike offers the world’s best and healthiest handmade combs. They have a wide variety of combs made from sandalwood, ebony bark, buffalo and sheep horn. They also offer wooden hair brushes and hair pins and cater to men’s hair & beard as well.

Tek Combs Are 100% FSC certified Wood

Tek Combs are 100% FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood. They are Italian handmade products and they give special attention to environmental protection, following sustainable principles. Use the link above to get 5% off your purchase!

Wood Is Good For Hair

There you go! I hope I have provided you with valid reasons for why wooden combs for hair are the best and absolute game-changers! I love how they feel on the scalp, my hair breaks a lot less, and I absolutely love that I am contributing to the health of the planet.

I am sure you will agree with how lovely it feels when the comb glides down the length of your hair as you detangle. Oh and not to mention the massaging effect it creates on the scalp! So, what are you waiting for? Get yours now and allow your hair to bounce back to life!

What kind of comb do you currently use?

Have you used a wooden hair comb?

How has your experience been so far with a wide-tooth wooden comb?

I would love to hear what you thought about these combs- Please do leave me your thoughts and questions down below.

I love hearing from you as usual!

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Hair-enthusiast turned blogger helping women achieve their hair goals with natural and sustainable haircare methods.

20 Responses

  1. I love your articles, I have actually been following some of your hair advice and I am seeing a difference 🙂
    I have a plastic comb, and it is true that it always creates static. After reading this article I’ll definitely be switching to a wooden comb. Plastic combs also never last, you have to continually buy new ones, but a wooden one will last for a long time, for years. With all the advantages you listed, getting a wooden comb is way overdue now. Is any wood good or do you have a favorite?

    1. Hey Christine! SO happy to hear that my tips are working for you!! Thank you for being so loyal to my website- you are always welcome to come back and check for more hair struggle “fixes”!

      To answer your question: The kind of wood to choose is really a personal choice and varies from person to person but my favorite so far is the sandalwood because it smells great! Some people may not like the fragrance and for that reason I would suggest bamboo- but any kind of wood works as long as you follow the tips I mentioned in bullet form above! 🙂 Hope this helps! Do let me know if you have any more questions! and thanks for following again! 🙂

  2. You have given me some real food for thought as I have long super fine hair and have struggled to find just the right tool to comb it after a shower. Having long hair as you know can be a worry as it tangles so easily. I have tried so many different tools but never a wooden comb. It sounds perfect, nice and gentle, and sustainable. I look forward to trying one.

    Thanks for your review and great advice.

    1. You are going to love using a wooden comb for your hair, Lily! Do give it a try and see for yourself:) I can never seem to go back ever since I started using one !

  3. Hey Sasha,

    It’s so strange (but I am glad) that I came across your article. I was looking for a new comb, with the idea of another plastic comb in mind. Google brought me to your post! And after reading your article, I am thinking maybe I should be investing in a wooden comb.

    There seems to be a lot of health benefits for the head and maybe a wooden comb might be better for my pocket.

    I am going to share this article with my friends and family as I don’t think they have any wooden combs either. I also just checked how affordable they are from the link you provided!

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    1. Hey Tom, they really are more affordable than you would think, right? I have tried higher end ones and they just don’t compare to these!

      Glad you made it to my post and even more glad that you will be sharing this with your friends and family. Let us all make the world greener again!

      Thank you for stopping by! 🙂

  4. Hi Sasha, love this article on wooden combs as I have long thick hair that’s prone to tangles! I never realised wooden combs have so many benefits. It’s great to know using a comb made of wood as opposed to plastic stimulates the scalp. I have used wide toothed wooden combs in the past when perms were fashionable! However, I like the idea of handcrafted wooden combs, especially as they help detangle hair.

    1. Hey Kathy, yes the beauty about handrcafted wooden combs is that they are carefully designed to check for rough edges and splinters, so combing can be a snag-free experience. Most factory made combs miss this vital detail in producing their combs, even if they are made out of wood. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts! 🙂

  5. Hi Sasha,
    I just fall in love with your site! I give a lot of value to hair care because I think that hair is the most beautiful decoration of a woman. I like your text. You have written in such detail and concisely the advantages of a wooden brush. I have been using a wooden brush for a long time and would never go back to plastic. I love that the preparations in hair care are on a natural basis. From shampoo to brush. However, I see that the Breezelike brush is much better than mine and the price is more than affordable. I will definitely order a couple of pieces!
    By the way, I also see recommendations for some very interesting shampoos on your site. From now on I am your regular visitor! Keep going and all the best!

    1. Hi Danijela,
      I love that you shared your thoughts about using a wooden comb for your hair – I can never go back to plastic either (absolutely agree with you on that, girl!)

      I discovered the Breezelike brush recently and have been in love ever since. It really is at a great price point and whenever it is time for me to get one, I end up getting multiple pieces lol! I give them as gifts to all my friends and they have loved it so far too.

      Thank you so much for checking out my other posts and makes me super happy to have you as my regular visitor! Welcome to my hub!! 🙂

      Lots of love,

  6. Hi Sasha, I was intrigued by the title of your article for 2 reasons: 1) I never knew there are wooden combs and 2) I am highly interested in products that don’t contain any plastic whatsoever.

    And now that I read your article, I am almost sorry my hair is so short I never use a comb. 🙂 (I always ruffle through it with my hands). Those advantages are marvelous! Do you also use a wooden brush or is it more difficult to make a wooden brush?

    What I was wondering: lots of products that are sustainable come wrapped in plastic nevertheless. How is this product packaged?

    1. Hi Hannie! Using your fingers to detangle your hair is still better than using plastic combs (as long as you are gentle, of course)! But yes, there are many benefits to using a wooden comb as stated above. I use this same wide-tooth wooden comb and I find it the best value for money and best for my thin, static-prone hair. 🙂

      You are absolutely correct- a lot of sustainable products come packaged in plastic. The Breezelike comb is packed in paper boxes and then packaged in foam envelopes when shipped to customers. It is always a good idea to inquire about packaging -thanks for asking! hope I was able to answer your question! 🙂

  7. Wow – I never really paid attention to combs that I use and have used plastic combs for most of my life. Now when I read this post I realise plastic comb can actually harm your hair. I so wish I had read this post early in my life. I had a quick question – Irrespective of which comb one uses, does combing hair too much leads to hair loss ?

    1. That is an excellent question, Satz! Combing hair too often with the wrong kind of comb and not being gentle can definitely lead to hair breakage. However, I grew up in a household where all the older women in my family loved brushing their hair at least 100 strokes in a day. Yeah, I am not kidding. Personally, i never had the arm strength to do that, neither the patience lol. Anyways, to answer your question again, I would just suggest to use your own discretion. See how your hair reacts with combing. If you use a smooth wide-tooth wooden comb for your hair a couple times a day (once is fine too), you should be good. If you notice too much hair fall, I would suggest to reduce the times you are combing. Hope this helps! 🙂

  8. I am so glad that I found this article. I have always used plastic combs and never knew they could damage my hair. The benefits of using a wood comb make sense. Like I only wear cotton clothing because of the natural feel against my body. I am now a believer in only using wood combs. Your tips on how to care for a wood comb are helpful. I would have soaked it to clean it – but that probably would have damaged it.

    1. Hey Sharon, happy to know that this post has helped you! Once you try wooden combs for hair, you won’t go back to plastic at all! 🙂

  9. I have a few different plastic combs, but I’m not truly happy with them. Your five reasons motivated me to really buy a wooden one. Finally, it’s time to find the right comb for myself that I’ll be happy with.
    So far, I haven’t thought about the difference between a plastic and a wooden comb, just the difference between a comb and a hairbrush. I’m already looking forward to starting to use the wooden one and see for myself what differences I’ll notice. Above all, I’m glad it’s less static, less hair breakage and that stimulates blood circulation.
    Friendly greeting,

    1. When you start using a wooden comb, you will see and feel the difference for yourself, Nina! I am glad to have been helpful to you! 🙂

  10. Hey Sasha, I’m so glad I have come across your site!  To be honest I have never really noticed wooden combs – I guess I have always used the old cheap plastic combs, but they really do cause such knots in my hair and I absolutely agree with you on the static too.  I will definitely have a look at the Breezelike combs, thanks so much for sharing this article.  Looking forward to reading your other posts.

    1. That was the same for me as well, Debbie! I always used a plastic comb…and the cheaper, the better! Little did I know how damaging that was for my poor hair!
      Thanks for stopping by and do check out the Breezelike comb- you will love it!

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