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10 Foods That Stop Hair Loss & Help Hair Grow Faster

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What we eat in a day has a lot to do with our hair health. Poor eating habits easily lead to hair loss while healthier habits lead to stronger hair.

But are there certain kinds of foods that stop hair loss & help hair grow faster? 


In this blog post, we’re going to unlock the power of your plate and dive into the top 10 foods that can make a real difference in your hair’s health. These foods are like little hair superheroes, packed with the nutrients and compounds your hair need to thrive.

So, if you’re ready to embark on a journey to healthier, more beautiful hair, keep reading. By the end of this post, you’ll have the tools and knowledge to start your own delicious hair transformation.

10 Foods That Stop Hair Loss

Whether you’re aiming for Rapunzel-level tresses or just trying to maintain the hair you have, what you eat plays a crucial role in your journey to luscious locks.

It’s not just about the shampoos and serums; it’s also about the food on your plate. Your diet is like a secret recipe for healthier, stronger, and faster-growing hair. 

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have hair that just won’t quit, while others deal with hair loss and thinning? The answer might be as close as your next meal.

From leafy greens to crunchy nuts & seeds, we’ll explore how each of these foods stop hair loss and help hair grow faster. We’ll also serve up easy recipe ideas incorporating these hair-boosting foods into your diet and provide you with additional practical lifestyle tips to level up your daily haircare routine.

Foods That Stop Hair Loss  
1. Spinach  
2. Beans & Lentils  
3. Oats  
4. Greek Yogurt  
5. Red Bell Pepper  
6. Salmon  
7. Nuts & Seeds  
8. Eggs  
9. Beets  
10. Sweet Potatoes  

1. Spinach

Who doesn’t remember watching Popeye the Sailor Man chugging a can of spinach to instantly gain a boost in unreal strength? Now, you won’t immediately develop bulging biceps like Popeye, but including spinach in your diet will definitely improve overall health, including the health of your hair. Spinach is a superfood that is rich in all the essential nutrients like iron, various kinds of vitamins, and even antioxidants that our hair and scalp need in order to grow.

The antioxidant content found in spinach helps to reduce hair damage while the anti-inflammatory properties help to soothe a troubled scalp. Spinach is filled with vitamins B and C that promote healthy hair growth by increasing hair’s collagen and keratin levels.

Above all, spinach, as we all know, is super rich in iron and this mineral helps increase the supply of oxygen to our hair follicles, ensuring hair maintains its optimum health. As menstruating women, we tend to lose a great deal of iron each month and so having a diet rich in spinach easily fixes this deficiency.

Make various kinds of meals that contain spinach (boiled, baked, steamed/blanched), throw them in your favorite salads, add them in your smoothies with your favorite fruits & berries & nuts, or even turn them into oils that you can use in your hair masks.

2. Beans & Lentils

Beans and lentils improve the digestive system, increase your energy levels, and help to regulate blood sugar levels. Moreover, they are not just great for your heart but for your hair as well. Both beans and lentils are a great source of biotin, vitamin B6, protein, folic acid, sulfur, zinc, and magnesium. These nutrients promote shiny, strong, and nourished hair that continues to grow.

Biotin is well-known to speed up the hair growth process, while folic acid restores the health of red blood cells that supply hair-healthy oxygen to the scalp. Proteins from lentils and beans are essential for cell building as well.

The Best aspect of including both these food items in your diet is that they are easy to make into meals, easy on the wallet, and great for those who follow dietary restrictions (vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free diets, etc).

3. Oats

Eating oatmeal for breakfast is one of my most favorite ways to start off the day. If you are anything like me, you are going to love having a diet rich in oats to stop hair loss.

Oats are another superfood, highly rich in essential nutrients like zinc, vitamin B6 and copper, all of which are imperative in promoting hair growth. Not only that, they are low in calories so you can eat all you want, high in fiber so you can maintain a healthy heart and bowels, and they taste amazing on its own or with some berries or nuts thrown in! They are great for vegetarians looking for protein alternatives and are a sufficient pre or post workout meal as well.

4. Greek Yogurt

Another hair-boosting, protein-rich food that you should include in your diet is Greek yogurt. They are loaded with Vitamin D and B5, both of which provide the much-needed nourishment to your hair strands. Since protein and vitamin deficiencies are commonly linked to hair loss, it is essential to consume Greek yogurt to increase the levels of these two nutrients. 

However, eat these fatty yogurts at your own discretion as some brands contain the same levels of fats and sugars as found in puddings! Make sure you read the labels carefully and choose low-fat unsweetened Greek yogurts only.

If, for some reason, you do not like to eat Greek yogurt, you can use it in hair masks and still reap the benefits for your overall hair health. The probiotics found in Greek yogurt help in adjusting the bacteria balance on the scalp, making it healthier by reducing both itchiness and dandruff, and it also strengthens the hair follicles with the nourishment it needs; so less hair fall and more hair that stays on your head.

5. Red Bell Pepper

Photo by Vijay Reddy Thupally from Pexels

When you think of Vitamin C, oranges are the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind. But there is something else that has a much higher Vitamin C content than oranges and those are red bell peppers. Surprising, isn’t it? 

Red bell peppers are packed with vitamin C, which prevents hair from becoming dry and brittle. Hair loss is also reduced because Vitamin C is essential in the formation of collagen. Hair follicles require collagen to maintain its strength and growth. 

Blood flow to the scalp is improved and so is oxygen absorption to the hair follicles, making the hair and scalp stronger and healthier. Vitamin C and other nutrients like vitamin A, some iron, zinc, selenium, and folate found in red bell peppers also aid in protecting the hair follicles from the harmful effects of DHT (dehydrotestosterone), a sex hormone linked to hair loss.

Moreover, you can apply boiled red bell peppers on your scalp and leave on for 30 minutes (after the mixture cools down to room temperature, of course). It is said that doing this regularly stimulates hair growth. However, I would not recommend this to everyone because some people can have serious allergic reactions.  

6. Salmon

If salmon is your favorite kind of fish, I have good news for you! Fatty fish like salmon or tuna contain high amounts of proteins, Vitamin D, Omega-3 fats and other hair-boosting essential fatty acids like linoleum acid, that all work together to nourish the scalp as well as to thicken the fat layer around the hair follicle. This results in healthier hair growth.

But the problem is that our body can’t make these healthy fats and so your best bet is to consume foods high in these essential fats or find supplements. The Omega-3 found in fish oil supplements boost hair growth by providing the hair with essential proteins and nutrients. They also improve blood flow to the scalp and prevent scalp inflammation, ensuring your hair stays where it should be (on your head).

7. Nuts & Seeds

Aside from being a tasty and a low-calorie snack to munch on, nuts and seeds are loaded with vital nutrients like vitamin E, B vitamins, selenium, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids that all promote hair health. 

Walnuts are high in potassium and Omega-3 fatty acids that keep the hair supple and nourished from root to tip. Brazil nuts speed up hair growth because of its high content of selenium. However, brazil nuts must be consumed in moderation due to the harmful effects it has on health from excess intake.

Sunflower seeds are an excellent source of biotin (the infamous “hair vitamin”), chia and flaxseed offer a vegetarian source of omega-3 oils, and pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc content. It is best to eat a wide variety of nuts and seeds on a regular basis to promote a well-nourished scalp and a healthy head of hair for years. Plus, they are easy additions to your diet as well.

8. Eggs

Eggs are another great source of protein and biotin, which are both important to help hair stay nourished, grow and maintain its strength.

Photo by Foodie Factor from Pexels

Egg yolks, in particular, are full of vitamin D, which help create new hair follicles on your scalp that adds volume and thickening to your hair. Like Omega 3 fatty acids, the body can not produce vitamin D naturally so eating foods high in this vitamin can easily prevent deficiencies that lead to hair loss.

Hair masks made out of egg yolks or egg whites are both beneficial in hair health as the protein helps strengthen your hair, while the fats help condition it, improving its texture and giving hair its shine. If you have an oily scalp, make sure to use egg whites for your mask and for those of you who have a dry scalp, use egg yolks on your hair. 

Personally, the smell from slathering raw eggs on the hair is quite off-putting so I always mix it with bananas, yogurt, or avocados, and add a few drops of essential oils.

9. Beets

Bring back your hair’s shine and thickness by eating beetroots! This ruby red root is packed full with potassium and iron, among other nutrients. Potassium is essential for hair growth, production, and also helps to revive damaged hair fast. The rich iron content found in beets provides strength to your roots as it improves not only the quality of blood in your body but also the quantity of it as well. 

Eating beets frequently, increases blood flow to the head, making the scalp healthy and preventing hair loss. If you have anemia, beets should be your top choice of food to eat! 

However, eating too much beetroot can lead to kidney problems and low calcium uptake. So, eat beets in moderation to avoid health issues but still gain your hair benefits.

10. Sweet Potatoes

The body converts beta-carotene found in sweet potatoes into Vitamin A, which is responsible for generating new cells and tissues in your body, including hair and scalp. Vitamin A also helps sebum production, keeping the scalp from getting dry and itchy. Aside from this crucial vitamin, sweet potatoes are also loaded with vitamin C, copper, iron, and protein that all improve hair-health.

They taste absolutely great and there are numerous ways in which you can eat them. You can bake them into a healthier snack, toss them into salads with your favorite fat-free dressing, and even turn them into yummy desserts. Whatever you choose, including them in your regular diet, will lead you on the road to stopping hair loss.

Best Tips For Hair Growth

Let’s also talk lifestyle choices and those extra tips that can go a long way in growing and maintaining a gorgeous mane. Remember, it’s not just about what you put in your mouth but also how you treat your hair and body as a whole.

1. Daily Hair Care

Your hair needs some love and attention too. Here are some simple habits to adopt:

    • Gentle Styling: Be kind to your hair. Avoid tight hairstyles and use hair ties that won’t pull or break your strands.

    • Avoid Excessive Heat: Give your hair a break from constant styling with hot tools. When you do use them, apply a heat protectant.

    • Regular Trims: Keep your ends fresh with regular haircuts to prevent split ends from traveling up the shaft.

2. Stress Reduction

Stress can take a toll on your hair. Consider practices like meditation, yoga, or simply finding time for activities you enjoy. Reducing stress can do wonders for your locks.

3. Scalp Care

A healthy scalp is the foundation for beautiful hair. Keep it clean and moisturized. A scalp massage now and then can also stimulate blood flow and promote hair growth.

You can also try DIY hair growth treatments that help clean out the scalp and improve hair health!

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4. Hydration and Exercise

Don’t forget to drink enough water. Proper hydration supports hair health. Regular exercise also improves circulation, which can benefit your scalp.

5. Bedtime Hair Care

Swap out your cotton for satin or silk pillowcases for hair. These materials create less friction, reducing hair breakage while you toss and turn.

6. Patience and Consistency

Lastly, remember that hair care is a long-term commitment. The changes you make today may not show results overnight, but with patience and consistent effort, you’ll reap the rewards of healthier, more vibrant hair.

These lifestyle and additional tips are like the cherry on top of your hair care regimen. Combined with the right foods, they can help you achieve the hair of your dreams. So, keep these practices in mind as you continue your journey to stunning, head-turning locks.

What did you think about this list of foods that stop hair loss? Are there some more you can think of that I missed mentioning?

Do let me know in the comments below- I would love to hear your thoughts!

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14 Responses

  1. Hi Sasha, I should never have hair loss because several of these foods are my favourites. Because of early morning commitments, I recently started eating oats in the morning. That’s all I have time for anyway. I am thinking that I could add some fruit to make it a little more tasty. I like sweet potatoes but I hardly eat them. Now I know that there are benefits along with my favourite fish, I will take action and include them more often. Thank you for the tips.

    1. Hey JJ,

      My mouth was watering as I was writing about these foods as most of them are my favorites too! You can add so many food items to your oatmeal in the morning to make it so much more yummy and beneficial to your hair, not just your overall health! Try mashing a banana in a bowl and adding oats and milk , then warm it in the microwave and then add your fave berries and nuts with a sprinkle of organic honey–mmm mmm goodness!  Excellent for hair health too!

      Turn fries out of sweet potatoes by baking-its the easiest and most tasty thing you could do with them. It is what I do and it has become my guilty pleasure 🙂



  2. The amazing thing about this post is that, not only did I learn new important words (a lot), I also learned some new dishes as well as more healthy eating habits. More importantly, I learned that greek yogurt, which I love, was great as well to stop hair loss at least when unsweetened and low fat, which might be some though passage for me to go through cause my favorites are the sweetened ones, especially pear tasting ones.

    But I believe my little sister will the happiest know these 10 foods that stop hair loss and help hair growth.

    I look forward to reading from you again for more healthy habits, more healthy foods, and more healthy hair.

    What would you advise someone (Man or Woman), with short hair, to do to get longer ones?

    1. Hey Ibrahim,

      Haha I am glad you learned so many new words; Hope I wasn’t boring, though! 

      Unsweetened Greek yogurt is tough for me too! Here is an easy tip to remedy that: add organic honey! Oh, and also add fresh berries and fruits, especially pears since you like that flavor most, I am assuming! 

      There are lots of ways to stimulate short hair to grow into long, healthy hair. But there is no “one fool-proof fast-track” way. Depending on what causes your hair loss (whether you are man or a woman, both differ greatly when it comes to hair loss), treatment will vary respectively. Keeping your nutrition intake intact, will definitely help with growing your hair. In my opinion, that’s the best place to start.  

      I will be posting a lot more about remedies and what treatments are best for hair growth, so stay tuned 🙂



  3. Hi Sasha,

    Great article. I really wish I came across this article years ago before I lost my hair 🙂

    I have forwarded this article onto my brother so he can share it with my niece. She is only 14 so she has a while before she may lose her hair. But, if she starts to eat these kind of foods now (which I know she isn’t doing) then she might be luckier than us.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the amazing work on your site.

    All the best,


    1. Hey Tom, Thanks for leaving your thoughts 🙂 a bald look in men is quite trendy , though! 🙂

      I am happy to know that you have passed this info on to your niece- means a lot! I really hope she can benefit from all that I put out here. She is in her prime age right now and will have the best hair of her life, which is why it is also the best time to take care of what she has. I wish I could turn back time to be more proactive about my own hair care as well. But, this is why I am here to help others!

      Thank you again for your kind words,

  4. Indeed, receding hairline and bald spots are giving sleepless nights to many men or women. I have heard that Walnuts are one of the most hair-friendly nuts in the category. Not only do walnuts have more omega-6 fatty acids than any other food, but they’re also full of zinc, iron, B vitamins (B1, B6 and B9), and plenty of protein – What’s your view on the this?

    1. Hi Satz,
      You are absolutely correct about walnuts! In fact, I mentioned them in the Nuts & Seeds section as well. They help immensely in improving our hair health because of all the amazing benefits they contain; They are loaded with B vitamins, omega 6 fatty acids and lots of hair-boosting protein as well. Having said this, do not disregard other nuts for their beneficial properties for hair health too. The key is to eat a handful of mixed nuts on the regular.

  5. Hi Sasha, I love all the food you mentioned and eat them frequently. I’ve never thought, though of using the Greek yogurt as a mask. I’ll shortly try to do it. Would you recommend warming it up a bit, or use cold? I have natural iron deficiency, so, no matter how much iron-rich food i eat, it will alway stay low in my body. Unfortunately, it shows on my hair, especially now, accompanied with a thyroid.
    With all that, I enjoyed reading your post and learnt something. I’m sure many will benefit from your knowledge you were willing to share.
    All the best.

    1. Hey Minaher, I love these foods too! I would highly suggest NOT to warm up Greek yogurt. Having said that, make sure you also do not use the yogurt right from the fridge to put on your scalp. The best way to use it would be to take a few spoons out in a bowl and leave it out for a bit (covered) until it reaches room temperature.

      Have you talked to your doctor about taking an iron supplement that also helps with your thyroid problem? I am no doctor but as far as I know, due to thyroid issues, iron levels can severely drop and so I would think that a supplement would assist with this. It may be very low dosage but could be taken to boost existing levels ?

      Thank you for reading through my post and leaving your thoughts 🙂

  6. I love your top 10 reasons for hair loss post and this one is no exception! All these foods sound delicious so I’ll definitely be eating more of and I’m absolutely going to try the red pepper hair mask too, this is brilliant.
    Thank you for the great tips, I’m looking forward to my fab hair!

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