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Best Natural Hair Growth Treatments That Work Like Magic!

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Hair loss happens to all of us. For some it is manageable, and for others it is a nightmare. In any case, we are always looking for ways to grow our hair in the quickest way possible.

How many times have you searched the internet for natural hair growth treatments and then gotten royally confused as to which remedy to try, what hair product to buy, which supplement to include in your diet, etc? 

The more you search, the more treatment options you will find! The internet is filled with endless possibilities of these remedies that help correct your hair loss concerns. The main problem, however, is that it makes you wonder which one works and which doesn’t.

Well, what if I told you that you can make your own hair masks with items you already have in your home? 

Personally, I always like to start with a natural solution before I turn to the market for a product. My mantra is to always “go green” before you embark on a “spending-spree”.

Having said that, I will share with you FOUR of my best DIY hair masks that will help you grow your hair naturally. Keep in mind, that there are numerous other hair masks out there and numerous ways to make them as well. I will tell you the ones that I have personally tried and tested and then seen actual results with! So keep reading!

1. Castor Oil Hair Treatment

It is no secret that certain oils help to repair hair immensely and one of the most important oils for hair growth is castor oil. The anti-inflammatory properties in castor oil helps to eliminate dandruff and maintain a healthy well-moisturized scalp. The oil also promotes hair growth when massaged into the scalp because it increases blood circulation, leading to faster new hair growth.

Vitamin E and Aloe Vera together help to provide nourishment to the hair follicles and the hair strands so that the hair cuticles are sealed and your hair gets its shine and luster restored.

Believe me, when I say this, your hair will not only feel soft and shiny, but you will notice a significantly lesser amount of hair fall with just 2 weeks of use with this mask!

Castor Oil Hair Mask Recipe

3 Tbsp Castor Oil  
1 Vitamin E capsule  
½ cup Aloe Vera Gel  


Photo by Jazmin Tabuena from Capturenow

Add Aloe Vera gel (you can use any, as long as it is natural) and castor oil. Mix well for 2-3 minutes until a very creamy consistency is achieved. If you have a small sized blender, you can use that as well. A handheld coffee mixer works fine also. Break the Vitamin E capsule and add the liquid to the mixture. Mix everything well. Your hair mask is now ready!

Make the hair mask according to the length of your hair and store the rest in an airtight container in the fridge for up to a week. Apply the hair mask with every 3-4 day intervals and leave it on for an hour. Massage your scalp well for a few minutes and then wear a shower-cap to allow the mask to penetrate deep into your hair strands and roots. Wash with a mild shampoo and conditioner.

2. Black Seed Oil Hair Treatment

Black seeds are also known as Black Cumin Seeds or Nigella Sativa seeds. These black miracle seeds (as I like to call them) have extraordinary benefits for our hair! The seeds contain thymoquinone and nigellone – two very powerful ingredients found in prescription medication for alopecia. 

As a result of this, hair fall is naturally controlled and growth of new hair is evidently promoted by these seeds. The anti-inflammatory properties in the seeds also aid in soothing the scalp, riding it off dandruff, pesky lice, and balances sebum production.

The avocado oil in the hair mask helps to strengthen the hair shaft and keeps it soft by locking in moisture, while rosemary is well-known to promote new hair growth by reducing buildup and increasing blood circulation of the hair follicles.

I have personally noticed new hair growth in my bald spot areas (due to my side-part) by massaging this hair mask regularly. I also noticed that the areas where I was prone to a few gray hairs, ended up growing dark, black, hair!


Black Seed Oil Hair Mask Recipe

1 tbsp Whole Black Seeds ½ cup Black Seed Oil
1 cup of Avocado Oil ½ cup Avocado Oil
1 tbsp Dried Rosemary 3 drops Rosemary Essential Oil


Photo by Anna Pou from Pexels

Crush the black seeds or put them in a food processor to pulse. Add the crushed black seeds, dried rosemary and avocado oil to a mason jar, close the lid and shake well so that all ingredients get mixed in together. 

Leave the jar untouched for at least a week so that the seeds and the rosemary get infused with the oil. After a week has passed (you can also keep it for longer; just make sure you store the jar in a cool, dry place), strain out the oil and transfer it to another mason jar; Your magic hair elixir is now ready to use!

Apply to your roots first by massaging your scalp with your fingers. Warm the oil in your palm by rubbing it together and then apply to the length of your hair. Keep the oil on for an hour or longer (I have kept it overnight sometimes as well). Wash with mild shampoo and conditioner. Use this oil as often as you would like but I would suggest 2 times a week for beginners.

3. Rice Water & Onion Juice Hair Loss Treatment

This is a power-packed hair mask for rapid hair growth! Fermented rice water is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that fortify the hair roots and strands, making it stronger, shinier, and healthier. Onion juice, on the other hand, is rich in sulfur that nourishes the hair follicles and enzyme catalase that prevents premature graying. Both of these ingredients together work perfectly well in stimulating new hair growth, FAST.

Although, I cannot get over the smell of this mask even with the essential oil, I have to admit it really did speed up the rate at which my hair grew. I don’t think it did much for my few gray hairs but it definitely made my hair thicker and healthier with just one month of use! If you have patchy bald spots and hair thinning, this is definitely the mask for you!

Rice Water & Onion Juice Hair Mask Recipe

½ cup Rice 3-4 drops Lavender Essential Oil
2 cups Water Rice Water Preparation Click Here
(use Fermented Rice Water Method)
1 Red Onion Onion Juice Preparation Click Here


Mix equal parts rice water and onion juice and add lavender essential oil. Transfer to a spray bottle for easy use. Spray onto hair roots and gently massage into your scalp for 2-3 minutes. Leave it on for 30 minutes to an hour and wear a shower cap. Wash with mild shampoo and conditioner. Use 2 times a week with preferably a 5-day interval between applications.

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4. Fenugreek Seeds Hair Growth Treatment

This hair mask is a two-day process and a little bit of a lengthy-er process than the previous masks. But I assure you, it is all worth it in the end as this mask is a fantastic remedy for hair growth!

Every single ingredient in this hair mask is extremely beneficial to the health and strength of the hair. But the true star of this hair mask is fenugreek seeds. These seeds are super rich in folic acid and vitamins and they contain minerals like potassium, calcium, and iron, all of which are amazing for hair-health. 

High amounts of protein and nicotinic acid found in these seeds help to prevent hair fall, dandruff, and all kinds of scalp dryness. They are loaded with lecithin that strengthen and hydrate the hair follicles, reducing baldness and hair thinning. Fenugreek seeds are famously used by women all over the Indian subcontinent to achieve rapid hair growth.

Fenugreek Seed Hair Mask

1 tbsp White Rice 1 tbsp Fenugreek Seeds
2 tbsp Olive Oil 1 stalk Fresh Aloe Vera gel (straight from the plant is highly preferred)
4 tbsp Greek Yogurt 1 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar (optional: if you have dandruff)
¼ cup Water To Soak  


    • Add rice and fenugreek seeds in a bowl and rinse once with water to remove dirt and impurities.

    • Soak the rice and fenugreek seeds in ¼ cup water overnight. Make sure to cover with a lid.

Next day prep:

How to make fenugreek-rice water:

    • Strain the water from the seeds & rice-soak. Keep it aside in a glass.

    • Transfer the water from the glass to a spray bottle and keep aside.
      • (If you have dandruff or flaky scalp, add the apple cider vinegar to this water, otherwise, skip and move on to the next step.)

How to make the mask:

    • Take the soaked rice and fenugreek seeds (these will be swollen and soft from being soaked) and place it in a blender. Add the gel from Aloe Vera (you can use 4 tbsp of store-bought natural gel as well). Blend well until smooth. No need to add any water.

    • Add this mixture to the yogurt and mix well.

    • Add olive oil and mix well again until smooth. The hair mask is now ready to use!

by Ksenia Chernaya from Pexels

Apply the fenu-rice water on damp or dry hair, starting with the roots first. Gently massage with light circular finger movements all over the scalp, focusing on areas where hair is thin or patchy (hair-line near forehead and ears) and crown of head. Massage for a few minutes: 3-4 minutes.

Apply the hair mask to the scalp first and then to your hair. It always helps to section your hair down the middle from front to back. Once applied, cover your head with a showercap and leave the mask on for 1.5 hours (I usually leave it for 3 hours!). It will get very stiff on your hair so consider yourself warned!

Rinse the mask off in the shower with lukewarm water first thoroughly before using shampoo and conditioner. Use this mask once a week for best results.

It sounds complicated but once you actually do it yourself, you will notice how easy it is and the results will be your number one motivator to keep going with this mask! Every time I use this mask, my hair feels super soft, smooth, healthy and completely untangled. I have noticed that new baby hairs starts to grow after about 2 to 4 weeks of regular usage!

What Is Your Pick?

There you have it! Four super-wow, super-amazing DIY natural hair growth masks that actually work to grow hair fast and thick! I can vouch for all of them because I have tried them all and have seen great results in the feel, look, and overall health of my hair.

You should try it too! 

But please remember to be persistent with whichever mask you choose to try. Don’t do all of them at once. 

The simple point to remember is that great results take time, effort, and persistence. The more consistent you are with your efforts, the sooner you will see the results.

Which hair mask will you try?

Have you tried any of these in a different variation?

I would love to hear from you! If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a comment down below!

Good Luck!

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8 Responses

  1. These are awesome because I literally have everything at my house except for Fenugreek Seeds! I will definitely go and get them!

    Instead of spending crazy money on a product I’m definitely going to try these first. Thank you for this post, I’m so excited to try them out! 😀

    1. Hey Courtney, you can find fenugreek seeds in Indian or Asian stores easily. Good luck and do let me know how the results turn out:)

  2. I have used the method one in the past as well as the regular coconut oil on it own with great result for hair grwth. But my only problem at the moment is the hair fall. What effective remedy would you recommend for hair fall?

    Many thanks

    Best wishes

    1. Hey Habib, these hair masks target hair fall as well. You will notice a significant reduction in hair loss if you pick a hair mask and stick to it for at least a month 🙂

  3. The castor oil hair mask sounds like the best option for me and my mom, who has a bit of trouble with hair loss! Thank you for giving me 4 options and saying its benefits too! If one doesn’t work for us, I can always go to the next option! Thank you!!

    1. No problem, Brenda! Feel free to try any method..however, make sure you are persistent with whichever mask you choose! Results take time so please be patient and persistent!

  4. Hi Sasha,

    Thank you for the enlightening article. Honestly, I knew there were so many different kinds of DIY hair growth masks out there but you make it easy to pick the ones that actually work. So cool. The black seed oil hair mask sounds really interesting. I think I am going to try that one first.


    1. Definitely, do try it out Amanda! You will see results if you are persistent. Yes, there are endless possibilites of hair masks out there. The key is to know what hair problem you are having and target that accordingly. Feel free to come back to check on other posts of mine too!

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