• Fair Hair Care

    Does Flaxseed Oil Help Hair Grow?

    Flaxseed is a plant-based superfood that has gained a great deal of popularity lately in the health and wellness world. But very few people know the amazing benefits flaxseeds has on our hair. When we consume flaxseeds, in either powder…

  • Foods That Cause Hair Loss
    Eat This, Not That

    10 Foods That Cause Hair Loss

    When it comes to hair-health, one of the most important factors we tend to easily overlook is our daily nutrition. What we eat on a daily basis has a direct impact on not just our overall health but also on…

  • Eat This, Not That

    10 Foods That Stop Hair Loss

    What we eat in a day has a lot to do with our hair health. Poor eating habits easily lead to hair loss while healthier habits lead to stronger hair. But are there certain kinds of food we can eat…